Grid resistors model GRF

The GRF Grid Type Resistors may be supplied single or assembled in packs and connected serially or in parallel (depending on the final ohm value), mounted and fixed on threaded steel bars.
The high quality of the materials used to produce this type of resistor makes it particularly suited in the case of high current and low resistance values; in fact, these resistors are used in the start up and adjustment of large motors, in electrical braking (lifting) and in loading systems for generating sets, test benches, harmonics suppressors and grounding of the star centre. The conformation of the grid permits great flexibility in adding additional intermediate fixed sockets.


· Standard tolerance: ±10%
· Temperature coefficient ≤ 100 ppm/°C
· Level of Protection: IP00
· Connectiondirectly on resistor terminals


· Intermediate sockets
· Off standard tolerances

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