Toroidal rheostats and potentiometer model MTP

All of the rheostats (up to the 500 W size) and potentiometers, whether single or mounted in tandem, can be powered by remote control servo commands.
These standard servo commands include:
· An electric motor with forward and reverse operation
· Gearbox
· Shaft with two cams operated by micro switches for end run and reverse operation
· Two additional micro switches are free and adjustable with cams for use as required by the customer.
· "Oldham" type joint for coupling with the rheostat or potentiometer shaft


The gearbox group is enclosed in an aluminium box with IP54 protection, while the support is realised with a steel section capable of supporting mechanical stress.
The bores envisioned allow simple assembly of PSS and PRE potentiometers and all rheostats (up to the 500 W size).


Supply with simple clutch that protects the motor from external blockage
Supply with friction joint that permits manual adjustment of the rheostat with half of the shaft protruding
Supply with graduated programmers and three-way micro switches (alternatively to the four-way cam-micro switch couplings)


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