Toroidal rheostats and potentiometer model PRE 10

These wire continuous rotation wire potentiometers with the shaft mounted on ball bearings are designed for applications requiring a high number of manoeuvres.
The resolution, low rotation torque and close tolerances make this component particularly suitable for use in systems of adjustment in continuous service.
The transparent closure makes easy alignment of the contact cursor possible, with any position micro switches installed.


The following special features may be provided simultaneously in the same potentiometer:
· Tolerance ± 1%
· Intermediate fixed sockets
· Winding with reduced electric angle
· Supply with double-protrusion shaft
· Supply with special length shaft
· Supply with screwdriver cut shaft
· Supply with milled shaft
· Groups of several potentiometers with coaxial mounting
· Supply in IP54 / IP55 protective casings (photo)
· Supply of motorised potentiometer


· Adjustment knobs
· Graduated knob plaques
· Application of one or more position micro switches


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