Wire wound star resistors model RDPS

These resistors consist of a resistive wire winding on a threaded steatite thermo-electric candle. The particular shape allows maximum economic savings with equal dissipated power.
The terminal slots are made directly by the winding wire. It is therefore possible to obtain one or several intermediate sockets.
The threaded candle is the support for mechanical attachment and permits both horizontal and vertical mounting. Because of their form, which is completely exposed to the air, they easily dissipate their load in the free air and with forced ventilation, to which they offer the least aerodynamic resistance possible.


· Standard tolerance: ± 10%
· Temperature coefficient ≤ 100 ppm/°C
· Level of Protection: IP 00
The nominal Pn power is considered for resistors placed horizontally or vertically in the free circulating air, with an environmental temperature of 25° C.
With forced ventilation the nominal power dissipation capacity of the resistor increases as a function of the air speed.


· Ohm values off standard compatibly with production
· Intermediate sockets
· Off standard tolerances
· External protection of the winding is provided by a ceramic cement lining.


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