Aluminium case braking Resistors model ROF

These are resistors with high quality wire inserted in aluminium containers with a standard level of protection of IP54.
They are produced specifically for integration in command and control equipment for motors, such as INVERTERS, etc.
Ideally, they are mounted in contact with the inverter dissipater or a metallic wall of the cabinet, which ensures maximum performance of the resistors.
The particular shape and construction allows the use of the maximum quantity of the active part, thus providing the possibility to absorb a great quantity of energy for adiabatic impulses and, at the same time, to obtain a high level of nominal power.
All of the materials making up these resistors are fireproof and the winding, in particular, has been immersed in a mass of high thermal conductivity cement, which provides high insulation and is completely insensitive to humidity.


· Standard tolerance: ± 5%
· Temperature coefficient < 100 ppm/°C
· Maximum tension applicable 1000 V
· Standard length cables 250 mm
· Terminations on cables Cu/Ni with silicone anti-tear protection
· Filling: With high thermal conduction inorganic materials
· Resistive element in alloy with a high content of NICKEL


· Power cable length as required
· Application of an NC KLIXON type thermal contact
· Ohm values on request, compatibly with production
· Screened power cables


These resistors may be used as anti-condensation heaters for electric control panels.
The heating power, in this case, will be declassed with respect to the nominal power stated in the table.



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