Power braking resistors model ROPG

These are groups of power resistors of the ROP type, made up of stainless steel frames with resistive wire windings, assembled in packs with special braces and connected serially or in parallel (depending on the final ohm value).
These resistors are used in start up and adjustment of motors, in electric braking devices and in load systems for generating sets, testing benches, suppression of harmonics and grounding of the star centre.
The high value of power and the great amount of energy that can be dissipated are obtained by the important content of alloy in the winding and by the high impulse temperatures that can be supported without creating alterations or damages.
The high level of insulation is obtained through the use of top quality ceramic materials


· Standard tolerance: ± 5%
· Temperature coefficient ≤ 100 ppm/°C
· Maximum tension applicable 1000 V
· Level of Protection: IP00
· Connectiondirectly on resistor terminals


· Application of a protective thermostat
· Ohm values off standard compatibly with operation
· Intermediate sockets
· Off standard tolerances


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