Toroidal and linear slider rheostats model RTP

The RP series of rheostats were produced to satisfy needs requiring a low power regulator for use in laboratories and in didactics. The standard level of protection of the case is IP20.
These products are made up of a toroidal rheostat protected by a steel container painted with epoxy powder.
They are complete with safety bushings for insertion as rheostats or as potentiometers, with a graduated plaque and adjustment knob.
The power and current refer to a DT of 250°C at the winding and the power is given with the load applied on the entire winding.
When the adjustment ratio, namely the ratio between the maximum and minimum current, is high, the winding is divided into several sectors, realised with wires of various diameters.
Division of the resistance is generally performed with the hyperbolic law.


· StandardTolerance: ± 10%
· Ventilation: air natural
· Protection degree: IP20
· Max. working Voltage: 600 V


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