Cemented and enamelled wiredound resistors model SMO

Professional resistors with extremely high overload characteristics, which are mechanically very robust and non-inflammable, with excellent insulation. The joints obtained with electric welding and the large size of the terminals were designed to support strong, brief overloads and are particularly suitable for use where a low resistive value and high dissipation capacity are required.
The external protection is secured by a vitreous enamel lining.
The resistive element consists of a plate in Ni-Cr alloy or twisted constantan, on an extremely high quality cylindrical ceramic support.


· Standard tolerance: ± 10%
· Temperature coefficient ≤ 100 ppm/°C
· Insulation resistance > 100 Mohm (500 Vdc)
· Max operating temperature: 400 °C


The nominal power Pn shown in the table refers to resistors placed horizontally and free in naturally circulating air, with an environmental temperature of 25° C.
With forced ventilation the nominal power dissipation capacity of the resistor increases as a function of the air speed.


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