Variac model MOTOR

All variable autotransformers, both single and ganged units, can be furnished with motor drive (denoted by the suffix “M�).
Motor driven models permit remote control of large amounts of power. A motor driven variable autotransformer can be installed in any out-of the way space and the control station placed where desired; they have the same electrical ratings as their corresponding manually-operated models.
The motor-drive is a compact integral unit mounted on top of the assembly.
In the standard arrangements the voltage regulator is driven by a geared A.C. continuously-rated reversing motor 220 Volt or D.C. motor 24 V;speed (from zero to maximum output voltage) 4 sec. - 8 sec. - 16 sec. - 32 sec. - 64 sec.
(Other speeds are also available on request).

Emergency hand control
Slipping clutches are available on all models as an optional extra.

Limit switches
Limit micro-switches control at the lower and upper limits to prevent over-run are always fitted as standard, and are fully adjustable.
Additional limit switches may be added for operation and control of auxiliary circuits.

Remote voltage program board 0-10 Vdc

This option provides control voltage by an electronic board having an input signal from a PLC 0-10 Vdc and supplying an output signal (go-stop) to a gear motor of variac.
As input signal changes from zero up to 10V output voltage, i.e. voltage supplied by Variac changes from zero to maximum rated voltage.
Output voltage is directly proportional to output signal, i.e. if signal is 5 V output voltage will be just half of maximum voltage. Output voltage can be controlled also by a potentiometer (remote control).

Rating and distinctive features
· Suitable for motor 24 Vdc
· Input control voltage 0-10 Vdc
· Supply voltage 220 Va.c.
· Regulation directly proportional
· Output voltage stability ±1,5% (Whether for load change 0-100% or supply mains change ±10%)

· Electronic printed board with supply mains 220/24 Vdc Input/output terminal board
All components secured to aluminium plate of variac.

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