Aluminium case braking Resistors model VHPR 800-2000

The resistors of the type VHPR are high power resistors and have a high withstand strength. One of the remarkable features of the type series VHPR is an increased impulse solidity. Its compact form, as well as the execution of the elements of its leads, make the fixing and mounting of the resistor elements easier when using. The complete metal protection guarantees a protection against dirt accumulation and accidental contact with the hot parts.

Indications regarding the maintenance
To ensure the heat dissipation from the resistor body and from the leads, the resistor and the leads have to be free from impurities during operation. Due to the temperature development on the surface of the resistor and to avoid an inflammation, combustible substances are not allowed to be deposited on the resistor. The resistor has to be cleaned regularly with a dry dust cloth when the resistor is completely cooled down. The use of detergents is not allowed.


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