Flat wire resistors model ZO

Production and Assembly
Our spiral resistors consist of a steel frame with ceramic supports that hold in place the special resistive plate with rib winding. The resistors can be delivered as single pieces or in a package holding from two to six units, on request, with perforated sheet metal protection and additional terminals welded or attached with screws.

· Nominal range of power: 110 to 2225 W
· Standard tolerance: ±10% (lower tolerances are available)
· The design allows for high operating temperatures

· Additional stator resistors to limit incoming current
· Start up and adjustment resistors
· Resistors for high power resistive plants with forced air cooling

Relative documents
· Model ZO Spiral Resistor Technical Card
· Design quoted: combinations
· Card: Model 3ZO casing

· Promatized steel frame, passivated blue with ceramic supports
· Special resistive plate with rib winding
· Welded terminals

· Normally produced with welded terminals
· On request:

Current reduction in the event of mechanical combinations The approximate percentile reduction of current to be taken into consideration in the event of assembly of combinations with horizontal resistors and vertical resistors is indicated below.
The distances indicated must be observed.

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